Valerie Alfonso Music Studio Discover • Create • Grow


Discover - Music is an adventure. The student is discovering the basic concepts of music. As I discover the student’s talents and interests, lessons are tailored to help develop those interests, while balancing them with a full musical foundation.

Create - The mind of a child is highly imaginative. Creating their own music is a natural step in learning and helps to reinforce the musical concepts they are learning.

Grow - Students need a strong foundation, including theory and daily practice habits. Parents play a key role in giving the student lots of encouragement and providing a structure for daily practice. Building a strong foundation is worth the effort!


I believe that piano lessons can be a tool to introduce students to the world of music. For several of my students, piano lessons have been a gateway into lessons in another instrument, musical theater, elementary/junior high band, high school jazz band or forming their own rock band.


Using a variety of spaces in my studio, my students spend time in a variety of activities.


My primary teaching tool is the Clavinova (CVP 207), a digital piano by Yamaha with hundreds of instrument sounds. In our lessons, my students and I explore these sounds and how to integrate them into their pieces.