Valerie Alfonso Music Studio In-Person and Online Piano Lessons

September 2023 - August 2024


For 30 minute lessons:
Yearly tuition…….………… $1896
Monthly tuition…….……….. $160

Your tuition guarantees that I will be prepared and present to teach 44 lessons (or group classes) for September 2023—August 2024.


At the start of the year, I will give out a calendar of scheduled vacations. If I need to use one of my 3 Flex Weeks (unscheduled time off), you will be notified by text and/or email.


Please set up automated bank payment to send on the 1st /arrive by the 10th. If paying by check, make check out to Valerie Alfonso.

Payments arriving after the 10th will receive a $25 late fee.


The studio runs much like a private school; tuition remains the same each month and is based on enrollment, not attendance, reserving your child’s exclusive lesson time through the year, whether he/she attends lessons or not. A student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.

Your tuition reserves you a weekly time slot and benefits within the studio. Be assured that your tuition is working for you even when you are unable to attend.
Please give as much notice as possible when canceling a lesson.


If for any reason you must stop lessons, 30 days’ written notice is required. If the student does not provide 30 days’ advance written notice, the student shall be liable for one month’s tuition in full, even if no lessons are provided during 30 days.


Zoom/Forte, phone, FaceTime lessons and sending a YouTube link are all available formats for conducting lessons.
More information on these formats can be found in my Google Drive folder Student Share> Policies and Payments> Lesson Formats.


An initial deposit of $100 per student is collected prior to starting lessons. Books are procured by teacher, and a running tally is kept. When the balance is less than $40, more funds will be requested.

The balance remaining will be refunded upon termination of lessons.


This $105 yearly fee per student (or $190 per family) includes:
—Access to entire Studio-Licensed (SL) Music Library
—Printing Costs for SL Music & SL Games for the year*
*Exception: Supersonics Method books cost $10.
—Supersonics Access

This is a great deal, as much of the supplemental music your student will be using throughout the year is studio-licensed!